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Future underground artists appointed

Illustration av en konstnärlig gestaltning på en vägg i en tunnelbanestation.
Folds, Jesper Nyrén.

It is now clear who will be working on the artistic design of Stockholm's new underground stations. 

During 2015, the County Council's Administration for an Extended Metro has conducted an extensive procurement process that was concluded with a competition. During the autumn, a jury has gone through the 29 submitted sketch assignments and selected the 12 that will be involved in designing the future stations.

- "There was an enormous amount of interest, with more than 680 interested in being involved in the initial stage. It has been extremely enjoyable, but thinning out the artists has been tough. All those involved, as well as the jury, have really put in a great deal of hard work since the beginning of the procurement process in spring 2015. We are now both proud and pleased to be able to present the selected artists," says Mårten Frumerie, Head of the County Council's Administration for an Extended Metro. 

The underground in Stockholm is internationally renowned as the world's longest art gallery. More than 150 different artists have created the art in the existing stations. There are mosaics, paintings, sculptures, installations, etchings and reliefs dating back as far as the 1950s. 

With the new expansion of the underground, there will be ten completely new stations, a new platform under the existing Gullmarsplan and a new platform beside the current platform at Odenplan. At all 12, the artistic design will become an integral part of the final result.

-    "The new stations are continuing to build on the artistic tradition for which our underground is so famous. It feels wonderful that we are continuing along the same track for future passengers," says Mårten Frumerie.

The selected artists are (in no particular order):

  • Monika Larsen Dennis
  • Pia Törnell, Cilla Ramnek
  • Thomas Karlsson
  • Jesper Nyrén
  • Helena Isoz
  • Irene Vestman
  • Åsa Jungnelius
  • Anna Lerinder
  • Helena Byström
  • inges idee (Georg Zey, Axel Lieber, Hans Hemmert and Thomas Schmidt in cooperation with Andreas Piontkowitz)
  • Peter Johansson and Barbro Westling.

It has not yet been determined who will be working on which station, although the artists will start working with engineers and architects as early as this spring.

Here you can read more about how the procurement process has proceeded.

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