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New depot to be at Högdalen

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Stockholm County Council has now decided that the Högdalen depot is to be made bigger in conjunction with the Metro extension in the county. Once the Metro has been extended, it will require more trains. That is when there will also be a greater need for maintenance and stabling points – so-called depots where the trains are cleaned, serviced and repaired.

“There are many good reasons for choosing Högdalen. We will get a depot which serves both the Blue and Green Lines. Since the construction work we are carrying out is mostly in the same area as the current depot, this will have little effect on local residents and the environment. It will also keep land available for future expansion, such as residential buildings,” says Ulf Larsson, Project Manager for Depots and Vehicles.

From fifteen to one

The administration in charge of the Metro extension has investigated fifteen different depot solutions and has been in consultation regarding two alternative sites for the new depot, Högdalen and Skarpnäck, both of which are in southern Stockholm. In January the administration recommended an underground extension of the present depot at Högdalen. On 23 February, the County Council decided to proceed with the plans so as to allow room for the new trains required once Stockholm has become even bigger and the Metro has been extended.

Lower construction and maintenance costs

Since the Högdalen alternative is an extension of the existing depot, it will also be around SEK 1 billion cheaper than the alternative of building a completely new depot at Skarpnäck. The cost of maintenance will also be lower at Högdalen. 
“Obviously this is good, but the most important thing for our administration team has been to find the best location, and budget is one of many parameters,” says Ulf Larsson.