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New thinking behind improved Metro operations

Karta, Depå
There is now a new solution for how and where the Metro line from the Högdalen depot is to link up with Farsta Metro station.

Every morning and evening, a large number of trains travel along the Green Line to Farsta and the depot in Högdalen.

‘What we have decided to build will be retained and used for a very long time. We want to make certain that future underground operations are given the best possible conditions and prospects’, explains Johan Bergstrand, Project Manager for the depot development.

A more efficient solution
The previous construction consisted of two tunnels that linked up with the Farsta underground line in two different places. The new solution only consists of one tunnel that will emerge between the north and southbound tracks, a few hundred metres south of Hökarängen underground station.

‘This means that we can bring in and take out trains without affecting the running Metro trafic,’ says Johan Bergstrand. 

Johan Bergstrand

Investigation underway
Naturally, building one tunnel instead of two is the least expensive alternative. Even if the new plans may involve a slight setback for the start of the construction work, the new Metro is expected to be completed on schedule.

Technical surveys and investigations are currently in progress. We also plan on inviting local residents to consultation meetings where we will present the new plans and the effect of these on the local environment’, continues Johan Bergstrand.

This is what the previous plans looked like: