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The new Metro is environmentally certified

Environmental certificate
The new environmental management system adopted by the administration for extending the Metro fulfils the requirements for environmental certification in accordance with ISO 14 001. The measures to address environmental considerations and sustainability with regard to the new Metro are now beginning in earnest.

“These are important issues. The environmental audit is an acknowledgement that we are thinking along the right lines. Our administration, just as in other areas of work under the County Council, should contribute to sustainable development. For our part, this means anything from planning and design to construction and bringing the completed installation into operation,” says Mårten Frumerie, Head of Administration for the Stockholm Metro extension.

The certification means that the efforts to achieve sustainability are entering the next phase. The great challenge is ensuring that environment- and sustainability-related issues form a natural part of all the measures being taken.  

“Which materials do we choose? What requirements do we place on procurement? Then there are also the opportunities arising in our day-to-day work, such as in our collaboration with the construction planners. It’s about producing methods and solutions for how we can best pursue sustainability issues within frameworks such as time and budget,” says Mårten Frumerie. 

Soon construction will start on the new Metro. The different decisions to be made by the administration throughout the years of ongoing construction are going to have an impact on both people and the environment. 

“The Metro is in itself a travel option promoting sustainable development, but building track, tunnels, depots and stations has a great environmental impact. How we carry out the planning and then the extension work is, therefore, of the utmost importance,” says Mårten Frumerie.