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Major procurements for construction of tunnels

The construction preparations are continuing. Now decisions are being made for procurements worth billions of kronor.

The decision is about beginning the procurement process for track tunnels for the underground metro line to Barkaby and for work tunnels on the Yellow Line and on the Blue Line to Nacka and the Söderort suburbs.

”As it’s such a major project, we’re talking about a lot of money – over 4.5 billion kronor. A decision has to be made by the Traffic Committee on whether we can begin work on the procurements,” says project manager Mårten Frumerie.

The Traffic Committee is expected to make its decision at its meeting on 22 May.

Locations are well-planned
Where the track tunnels and work tunnels are to be situated is not a surprise – it has been planned and consulted on for many years.

”In terms of the work tunnels, we’ve searched for locations where it is possible to quickly remove the rock from site via major roads. In addition, it is beneficial if the tunnels are as short as possible; each metre costs a lot to blast out,” says Mårten Frumerie.

The work tunnels are the first to be built. They go from ground level down to the future train tunnels and stations. The mouth of each work tunnel will have a work area for the majority of the construction period.

In respect of the metro line to Barkarby, the procurement of contractors for the work tunnels is already underway. The plan is to begin building in Barkaby in late autumn. The planned start of construction for the other work tunnels is for the first half of the year in 2019.
Want to know where the work tunnels will end up? You can find out, along with all the other ongoing work, on our map