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Documents ready - Nacka and southbound are now applying for an environmental permit

Karl G persson
The largest part of the expansion of the metro system to Nacka and southbound has now submitted its environmental permit application to the Land and Environmental Court in Nacka.

An environmental permit is necessary to allow for the drainage of groundwater, which is always required when constructing tunnels. 

But most important for the people living close to where the metro is being built is that the court also imposes restrictions mandating how much disturbance that work on the new metro is allowed to cause.

“We are suggesting conditions which are based on the rules of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency for building noise. However, we are unable to expand the metro without exceeding the benchmarks now in place. This is why we want the opportunity to cause more disturbance above ground on working days between 07.00 and 19.00 and underground - using drilling and blasting - on working days from 07.00 to 22.00”, shares Kalle Persson, who is responsible for all the environmental permit applications for the new metro.

“Where the work does not disturb anyone, for example under the Saltsjön lake, the work can be carried out 24 hours a day.

Even if we have the right to carry out work of a disturbing nature, we also have a responsibility to ensure that daily life can go on normally. This might mean that we pay for new windows for better sound insulation, or in some cases that we offer alternative accommodation for a period of time”,  Persson explains.

Several applications with the court already

At the beginning of February, the Yellow line application was submitted and in December of last year the application for the metro to Barkarby was submitted. It has been published by the Land and Environmental Court in Nacka and negotiations are planned for the end of September and beginning of October this year. The depot project is planning to submit its application in autumn.