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Be part of the expansion of Stockholm’s metro!

Procurements for expanding Stockholm County’s metro begin soon. Stockholm’s new metro will be one of Sweden’s largest subway projects in the coming years.

Metro to Barkarby

The metro’s Blue Line is to be extended from Akalla to Barkarby, an important connection point for tomorrow’s travellers. An entirely fresh suburb is growing up around the new station (Barkarbystaden).

The application to the Land and Environment Court was submitted in December 2015. By spring 2016, the railway plan will have been refined and finalised. Finished route and station proposals will be submitted for examination in autumn 2016. The Swedish Transport Administration can then make a final decision. In the autumn, the Land and Environment Court will also be giving its decision on water and environmental impact. Procurements in respect of preparatory work and, potentially, work tunnels begin in 2016.

Metro to Arenastaden

The new Yellow Line is to run from Odenplan, via Hagastaden (with its planned homes, hospital and research and employment opportunities), to Arenastaden in Solna. In 2016, the planning permission application will be finalised and submitted for review to the Land and Environment Court. It is expected that the process will be completed during the course of the year.

Procurements start in 2016, as well as minor preparatory work (e.g. catenary installation). Examination of the railway plan will take place at the turn of 2016/2017.

Metro to Nacka and Söderort

The Blue Line is to be extended from Kungsträdgården, via Södermalm, to Nacka Centrum. It will also be simultaneously extended from Sofia (in Södermalm) to Sockenplan. From here, it will be connected to the Hagsätra branch line. This will give the line two branches south of the city – one to Nacka and one to Hagsätra.

In 2016/2017, proposals will be submitted for examination prior to the Swedish Transport Administration deciding on a railway plan. A planning permission application will be formulated parallel to this. This will be reviewed by the Land and Environment Court. Procurements and construction are scheduled to start in 2018. Expansion should be completed around 2025.

Depots and vehicles

Metro expansion entails a need for more subway trains. This will also increase the need for depots, i.e. places where the trains can be stationed and serviced.

In spring 2016, the County Executive Committee decided to expand the existing depot at Högdalen. Construction start is scheduled for 2017/2018.